Fulvio Manzato and Mirella Comar family house

Via dai Fraris 23 – Aiello

Photo N° 3

The sundial represents the flowing of life, the changing of events and human existence. In the universe everything is in motion, in a constant flow of days, hours and minutes.Life is an alternation of joy and pain, of beautiful and horrible moments. Is it luck, the instrument of God and of his providence, that guides human events?Luck overwhelms you like a sudden gust of wind when you least expect it. It is the unknown area of life, in the face of which a human being must find the capacity to react, to get ready and to fortify him/herself, increasing knowledge, wisdom and ability. How lucky will the person be who is able to put all this into practice, facing life with passion, joy and courage.This is the secret of life. This is where everybody’s luck lies: in living with joy, tasting all the beautiful things that life brings.

Debora Cabras


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